Worship Service

Worship service at Mt. Zion perhaps can best be characterized as one that has evolved into the right mixture of a tradition and contemporary style. The church's motto "A church where no stranger needs to feel strange" rings true in the worship service. The worshiper who responds by sitting quietly, or one who responds by the waving of a hand,or the shedding of a tear is just as comfortable as one who responds more jubilantly with an audible a-men, or one who rises to his or her feet. A typical worship service at Mt. Zion is one and a half hours in duration.

Sunday School

Sunday School at Mt. Zion can be described as one in transition. The Sunday School which at one time served attendees in one of six classes, now has only four with the adult class being the largest. These four classes serve adults, teens, pre-teens and children. Each class is served by one teacher and one assistant teacher with the exception of the adult class which has four teachers. The literature source for the adult class is Lifeway Publishers, a contemporary literature, while the literature source for the remaining classes is Union Gospel Press, a more traditional literature source. The time allotment for Sunday School is one hour.